latino heritage month 2024

sept 15 - oct 15

Columbus, Ohio

About Us

Latino Heritage Month Committee

The Inaugural Committee was formed out of the office of Columbus City Councilmember Lourdes Barroso de Padilla in Fall 2022 to promote visibility, cultural awareness, and togetherness during LHHM in hopes to create lasting impact in the Greater Columbus community.


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Events Calendar

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Explore the dynamic lineup of events in our Calendar section. Immerse yourself in the vibrant celebrations of Latino Heritage Month. From captivating performances to educational workshops, our calendar offers a diverse range of experiences. Mark your calendars and join us in honoring the richness of Latino culture.

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Get involved

Discover ways to actively engage and participate in the vibrant festivities of Latino Heritage Month. From attending events to volunteering, sponsoring, and sharing your stories, there are opportunities for everyone to contribute and make a meaningful impact. Let’s celebrate together and honor the rich culture and heritage of the Latino community. Join us and get involved today!

Padrinos Reception and Illumination Ceremony

Monday, Sept. 9th 7:30pm
Columbus City Council

Join us for the Latino Heritage Month Illumination and Padrinos Reception! We’re honoring Latino leaders in Greater Columbus for their community-building dedication. The Padrinos will also lead the 2nd Annual Latino Heritage Month Parade. Join as we celebrate these leaders and kick off Latino Heritage Month!

Latino Heritage Month Parade

Saturday, Sept. 14th 11am-4pm
Downtown Columbus

Celebrate culture, community, and diversity as we parade through downtown Columbus. Join us to showcase your heritage and make memories together. Sign up now to be part of this vibrant event!

Policy Day

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Join us for our Latino Heritage Month Policy Day Event, exploring the journeys and challenges faced by surging numbers of unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. Through the acclaimed documentary ‘Which Way Home,’ followed by an expert-led Q&A, this event provides a platform to understand and engage with this pressing issue.

Art Show

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Join us for a vibrant celebration of Latino culture through art. ‘El The Art Show showcases works by local Latino artists, exploring our diverse heritage.

Esperanza Awards

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Do you know a remarkable individual shaping our community’s future? Nominate them for the Esperanza Awards! These honors celebrate the impactful contributions of both youth and adults within the Latino community. Be a part of recognizing their inspiring efforts by submitting a nomination today. Let’s celebrate those making a difference!

Become a Sponsors

Elevate your brand while contributing to the vibrant festivities of Latino Heritage Month. Become a sponsor and showcase your commitment to our community. Join us in celebrating our culture and making a lasting impact. Partner with us today!


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Volunteer your time and energy to help make the Latino Heritage Month celebration a success. Be a part of the excitement, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the spirit of unity. Join our volunteer team and be part of something meaningful!

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